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Robin Conway

Excellent professional service. Quick results. Availed of COVID test prior flight out to States and upon return to exit quarantine. Gentle test and it was administered with patience and care. Dr. Astrid is terrific.

Bryan Haggerty

Excellent professional service. Quick results. Availed of COVID test prior flight out to States and upon return to exit quarantine. Gentle test and it was administered with patience and care. Dr. Astrid is terrific.

Florence Bradford

When my temperature rose and there was a burning sensation in my lungs, I decided to take a test for covid-19. Test was taken and then the result came quickly, it turned out to be positive, it’s good that it turned so quickly and the complications were not yet strong.

Russell Goodwin

The service is very fast, there are almost no queues. For busy people, salvation is direct. It’s better to save time with Nivha.

Charlotte McGowan

I use the services of the Nivha laboratory. They always have everything clear. Registration is fast, I never had to sit in line. Tests are also good. Results are sent to the mail. They make life easier for clients.

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Popular questions

What is a PCR Test?

PCR tests detect the virus’ RNA. These tests are normally carried out in a laboratory using a swab of the nose and/or throat.

PCR tests can detect very tiny amounts of RNA, meaning they are extremely sensitive. They are the best test for current infection.

Patients with COVID-19 usually start to become positive by PCR testing a day or two before symptoms start and will continue to test positive by PCR afterwards for some time. Repeat PCR once a diagnosis has been made is not necessary.

The period the patient must isolate for is defined by time from the start of symptoms or, if there are no symptoms, from the first positive test. Current UK policy is that patients must self-isolate for ten days after this time.

Source: https://www.rcpath.org/profession/coronavirus-resource-hub/guide-to-covid-19-tests-for-members-of-the-public.html


Is a PCR Test accurate?

PCR is the most accurate test available for current infection. In a person with symptoms, a positive PCR test is likely to accurately indicate infection. If a person has symptoms suggesting infection but a negative PCR test, doctors may decide to repeat the test if they still suspect infection (e.g. in hospitalised patients).

Source: https://www.rcpath.org/profession/coronavirus-resource-hub/guide-to-covid-19-tests-for-members-of-the-public.html


Lateral Flow Tests

These are the rapid tests that are used in the community. They are convenient because they can give a result within 30 minutes and do not need a laboratory.

They detect proteins from the virus, not RNA. They use a swab of the nose and/or throat and are carried out on a small flat plastic device like a pregnancy test.

These tests are very different from PCR. They are not suitable for diagnosing individual patients who suspect they may be infected because they have symptoms.

People with symptoms need a PCR test. Lateral flow tests are intended for picking up additional infected cases who would otherwise be missed because they don’t have any symptoms.

Source: https://www.rcpath.org/profession/coronavirus-resource-hub/guide-to-covid-19-tests-for-members-of-the-public.html

Which countries are accepting Lateral Flow (Rapid Antigen)Test for entry from the UK?

While most international travel destinations require a negative PCR test in order to travel abroad, some countries are accepting a negative Rapid Antigen Test for entry into the country — providing all other conditions and stipulations are met.

Below is a list of countries currently allowing Rapid Test results to enter the country from the UK (provided all other conditions are met):

While we endeavour to keep our travel advice updated at all times, the rapidly changing situation means entry requirements can change very quickly. If your destination of choice is listed below, please click to follow the link to the Gov.uk website in order to check the testing requirements have not changed, and to find out which other criteria must apply for you to be allowed entry (e.g. evidence of permanent residency, proof of exceptional permission to travel etc.).

Source: gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice

Are Lateral Flow Tests accurate?

These tests are not as sensitive as PCR. They are simply a convenient way of picking up a proportion of undiagnosed people who have no symptoms.

The way to look at these tests is that every additional positive case picked up is a bonus, preventing further unknown transmission of the virus.

If a person tests positive with these tests, they need to confirm this by having a more accurate PCR. In the meantime, they must self-isolate.

If these tests are negative, the person may or may not be infected and that person must continue to take the usual precautions such as hand washing, wearing a mask and social distancing.

Source: https://www.rcpath.org/profession/coronavirus-resource-hub/guide-to-covid-19-tests-for-members-of-the-public.html

How do I know if I need a COVID-19 PCR Test to Travel?

If travelling from the UK, you can check the entry requirements for your destination online at gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice. The EU have introduced a new traffic light system that requires pre-flight testing for individuals departing from several ‘red list’ countries. You can view the latest travel restrictions online at https://reopen.europa.eu/en. Due to the constantly changing global environment entry requirements are subject to change, so keep checking in the weeks and days leading up to your trip.

How long will the test take?

Your sample will be collected by one of our trained healthcare professionals using a nose and/or throat swab, the process should take no more than 15 minutes.

Will I receive a fit to fly certificate?

On the day of your appointment, please present yourself to your chosen Randox Health Travel Centre no more than 5 minutes before your appointment time. You must provide confirmation of your booking, photographic ID (a passport if travelling), mask and order confirmation email (booking reference number).

How do I get my results?

Your sample will be sent to our ISO accredited laboratory in Northern Ireland for analysis. Once processed your results will be emailed directly to the email address.  We will aim to send you your results next day (up to 11.59pm)

Can I cancel my appointment and get a refund?

Cancellations can be made up to 24hours before your appointment time. You can contact us directly in relation to an outstanding refund via info@nivha.net, supplying your name, card holder’s name, appointment date & time and booking reference. Please note that Appointment cancellations made with less than 24 hours’ notice or failure to attend a scheduled appointment will not be refunded – this also applies to any appointments that have been booked same day ( within 24hrs) for appointment.

We’re currently experiencing a large volume of refunds due to latest COVID-19 restrictions, please bear with us while we process your request.

Can I change my appointment?

We accept changes up to 24 hours before your appointment time.  Appointment changes can only be made through your online account. All customers are provided an account and log in details after making a booking, and all email details are emailed to the specific email address linked to the booking.

What is the difference between Travel Test and Private Test?

Both tests are RT PCR and conducted in the same manner and produce the same certificate.  Some destinations require passport information on your certificate and we will include this where Travel Test is selected.

Can you advise when I need to take the test?

We can not advise on when to take the test due to ever changing government regulations.  We recommend you check with the relevant government website.

Does my child need to get tested?

We recommend you check with the relevant government website at your destination if a test is required for minors.  The requirements vary between countries.  We can provide testing for minors if required as long as a parent or guardian is present.

How long does it take to get my results back?

We will aim to send you your results next day after your appointment (up to 11.59pm). Results will be emailed to you with an attachment containing your travel certificate.

I haven’t received my results, who do I contact?

Please check your spam folder.  If using a work or university email, please check your server hasn’t restricted our emails as your results will have an attachment.


We will always aim to have your results next day (by 11.59pm) but as part of our quality service, where we have concerns on a sample, we will not release a result until thorough review has been carried out. This is in line with good laboratory practice.